The Creators

Some call it a passion, others call it an obsession. For us, it was a passion to create something of extraordinary originality and beauty. A passion to create without boundaries fragrances that are authentic, original and of the highest quality for women who want their own personal signature scent.

For Lynn Emmolo, a passion for roses ultimately became an obsession to paint roses. Dozens and dozens of roses, painstakingly created in inks. Each work of art evokes the emotion of the rose. Each an inspiration for A Dozen Roses perfumery.

For Sandy Cataldo, perfume bottles have always been an obsession. With a personal collection of over 200 bottles and 300 compacts, each one a miniature piece of art, the passion to have a bottle that would be highly original and collectible became a reality.

“The Art of the Art – became our passion”

The Design

Original art inspired by the rose. Each rose inspired the original art which inspired the perfumers to create the fragrance which then became the package design. Each bottle beautifully collectible in its own way.

Which one is for you?